planning services

Sutton Wealth Advisors is a comprehensive financial planning firm with expertise in addressing the five critical financial issues that face clients:

  • Income planning, to ensure income can maintain their lifestyle;
  • Asset protection, to ensure assets can withstand the unexpected;
  • Taxes, to maximize earnings by minimizing the tax bill;
  • Investments, to advance and protect the earning power of savings;
  • Estates planning including insurance, to eliminate probate, maximize benefit to heirs and control of legacies.

As our clients’ assets grow, their financial lives become more complicated. As a full-service financial planning firm, we are equipped to help our clients navigate the many complex issues that may arise over time. And, as an independent firm, we offer many different types of services, products, and advice, free from outside influences.

Our services begin with designing a financial plan, based on detailed client input, which becomes our guide for customizing recommendations that work best for each individual’s circumstances.